West Atlantic Group is a European dedicated cargo airline specialised in mail and express freight. Developing from many years’ experience the Group can offer its customers customised efficient solutions for airfreight services, maintenance and airworthiness services and aircraft leasing. West Atlantic’s success as a cargo airlines Group is based on the business concept:
“- meeting the demand for safe, efficient and profitable airfreight solutions, by the means of a customized aircraft fleet”.

The Group emerged in 2011 through the merger of two of Europe’s most established independent regional cargo airlines; the West Air Group based in Sweden and Atlantic

Airlines based in the United Kingdom. Headquartered in Gothenburg, the merged entity is one of Europe’s largest and most experienced provider of unique, integrated ground-to-air logistics for the mail & express industries using a customised fleet of BAE ATP, Bombardier CRJ200 and Boeing 737 freighters.

During 2013, West Atlantic formed a strategic partnership with Wilmington, Ohio based Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATSG), in which ATSG acquired a 25 per cent shareholding in the West Atlantic Group. The partnership marks the introduction of the Boeing 767 to West Atlantic’s service offering. The partners’ skillsets are very well aligned to support the market demand given the respective established and complimentary capabilities in the global marketplace.

West Air Sweden, the heart of the former West Air Group was established in 1962 under the name Abal Air, which was changed in 1992 to West Air Sweden. Following the increased demand for airmail services from the Swedish Post, West Air Sweden increased its mail operations throughout 1989-1998. In 1995 the current major shareholders acquired the company. Following the current owners’ purchase of West Air Sweden, the organisation was converted into a dedicated mail & cargo airline in May 1997, after discontinuing scheduled passenger services between Gothenburg and Sundsvall in Sweden. During 2006 West Air Sweden was awarded and co-developed the entire Norwegian Post contract, which expanded West Air Sweden’s capacity by 50 percent.

Pioneering the technical competence necessary to move existing Mail trolleys directly from trucks to on board the aircraft – the roll-on/ roll-off concept has been a key factor in improving efficiency and service quality where employed in Scandinavia.

Atlantic Airlines was incorporated in 1994 within the Air Atlantique Group, which was originally established on the Isle of Jersey, UK in 1969. Originally operating an aircraft fleet of seven Lockheed 188 Electra aircraft, Atlantic Airlines was specialised in the supply of contract and ad-hoc air cargo services which included transatlantic capability. Following a full management buy-out of the assets of the business in May 2004, Atlantic Airlines Limited was established as an independent commercial operator. Since its inception, Atlantic Airlines has been a significant contributor to the UK regional air cargo industry, building on its heritage of cargo and airmail operations across Europe since the first Royal Mail contract was awarded to Air Atlantique in 1975.